Track My Project

In an effort to increase efficiency and simplify the way we do business, we have chosen to publish our records on a secure cloud-based network.  It is a series of spreadsheets that contain information on projects being work on, and an additional spreadsheet dedicated for fabrics received.

Here are the things we would like to accomplish:

1. Keep a record of projects accessible by both you and our office at any time and from anywhere.
2. Upload pictures of projects throughout their development.
3. Have another communication tool for keeping up-to-date.
4. Update the fabric log pertaining to you as your material is received.
5. Designate the fabric to the upholstered piece to avoid mistakes.

Here is what you can do via spreadsheets:

1. When sharing this spreadsheet, you will be asked for a username and password.  This allows you to access your account from any PC with internet.
2. You are given editorial access allowing you to add notes, comments, specific directions, and changes as you deem appropriate. Those changes are reflected on the spreadsheet, and we are notified immediately. 

This is just another tool for communication.  You can still reach us at our office or via email as usual.

Please contact our office so that we can get your account setup.